6 Reasons Why Watermelon Is Awesome

Summer is clearly my favourite season for many reasons. As soon as the sun is out, I feel the urge to spend as much time outdoors as possible – drinking rosé wine by the water, tanning and swimming by the Danube, taking my bike wherever I go… And of course: Eating as much watermelon as I possibly can!

<3 Watermelon <3

It makes for my favourite summer salad

Throw together diced watermelon, feta, a few leaves of mint or basil, some freshly ground pepper and a splash of balsamic and you have the most delicious summer salad. It’s my favourite standalone meal in summer but is also a super side for BBQ. So fresh, so clean! Add some arugula for even more freshness.

It’s fashionable

I brought back a watermelon printed shirt from Bangkok and recently bought some matching trainers. I love whimsical details like this to add a splash of colour to my otherwise almost all-black wardrobe. One of my friends even recommended I get a watermelon tattoo – but I am not so sure whether this is such a good idea…

In love with my new Watermelon Keds <3
In love with my new Watermelon Keds <3

It’s bikini body friendly

While most people claim to lose weight in summer, I am always sure to gain a few pounds, with all the yummy froyos and gelato that I just HAVE to eat. But at least my addiction to watermelon is diet friendly, as it only contains about 30 calories per 100 gram.

It gets the party started

This drink is probably as old as the world, but this trick just never gets boring. Plus it is so easy to make that even mixology dummies like myself can fix it up: Hole out, vodka in, leave to soak, get drunk. Voilà.

Missing my daily watermelon juice in Asia
Missing my daily watermelon juice in Asia

It’s pink

How many pink foods do you know that are not absolutely fabolous? From raspberries to cotton candy: Pink food rules!

It’s juicy and yummy and perfect

As the name suggests, watermelon is full of water and makes for the perfect thirst killer on warm summer days. Nom nom nom nom ok I have to go now and slice up some juicy sweet melon bye!!!

Pink Watermelon

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