[Best Of] Beautiful Travel Tattoos

So yesterday I finally had the balls to do something I have been thinking about for years: I got a tattoo. Turns out that my fear was not necessary (even though it did hurt) and 12 hours later I am still completely in love with it. I’ll definitely post a picture soon, but for now, check out these beautiful travel related tattoos found on Instagram.


New York, Paris, London… Where to start?



Flying is boring and annoying, but airplanes are still the easiest way to travel to all those beautiful places on your bucket list.


A much nicer way to get from A to B: The good old bicycle!


Hot Air Balloons

For those who prefer a very vintage way of travelling.


…of your favourite place(s) on earth of course.


North, East, South, West – Where to go next?


World Map

Yes, every basic white girl on Instagram seems to have this tattoo these days. Chiara Ferragni also has it. But whatever, I still think it’s a nice one. Bonus: You can colour the countries you have been to.


A bit more original than the layout of the world map.

Exotic Animals

I love elephants, flamingos, peacocks, sea turtles etc. and think they make for beautiful tattoos.

Sights and Landmarks

Because we’ll always have Paris…


You finally made a big dream come true? Why not getting a very special souvenir?

Airport Codes

While I do not have great memories of all the airports I have been to (read more about my Airport Adventures – One Old Gypsy here), this tattoo is such a cool and easy way to instantly bring back awesome travel memories.

#airport code of your fave cities #tattoo idea #ink #travel #traveltheme #traveltattoo

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Travel Quotes

Some might say they’re cheesy, but in my opinion all those travel quotes are still a good source of inspiration and motivation.



Mountains, Sea, Forests: Nature is so beautiful and provides plenty of inspiration for awesome tats.

Or: All of the above aka The Ultimate Travel Tattoo

While something like this would look completely over the top on me, I still love this tattoo so much. It kind of feels like the inked version of a Wes Anderson movie, doesn’t it?


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  1. Hey!! Which one is yours? Have you been inspired by one of them? So you dropped the boat tattoo? come on! :)

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