[Travel Diary] Bordeaux and Cap Ferret

Eating oysters in the sun and sipping on rosé wine is all it takes to make me happy…

Oysters and boats at Cabane 57
Oysters and boats at Cabane 57

Last weekend, I spent two wonderful days in Bordeaux and Cap Ferret. The whole idea for this short getaway was born when I asked my friend Sam (coucou coupine!) if she wanted to take a day off and spend a touristy day together in Paris. My original plan included visiting the Eiffel Tower, eating oysters in the sun for lunch and drinking champagne. Sam had a better idea and proposed the real deal: eating oysters at the seafront! Said and done, we booked tickets and were heading south to Bordeaux just a few weeks later.

We brought some beers and unhealthy snacks on the train and realised that this is certainly a sign that even though the big 3 is coming closer and closer every day, we are far from being real adults :)

I have heard so many people raving about this place and can finally understand now what the fuss is all about. We didn’t plan on doing anything in particular, except for heading to the Bassin d’Arcachon on Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed the oysters, paté, wine and wonderful seafront view at Cabane 57, before talking a walk on the beach and finishing off with a yummy crêpe. What a wonderful souvenir!

We headed back to the city in the end of the afternoon, where we fell fast asleep in the car. We chilled at home with some thai take out, beers and reality TV. Before heading back to Paris on Sunday afternoon, Sam and I had a lovely breakfast in the sun and took a decent walk around the beautiful city center of Bordeaux.

I could really feel how the sunshine and the sea made me happy and even though we didn’t get a lot of sleep, I sought up so much energy for the upcoming week. Un grand merci encore à Sam, Camelia, Vincent et Chris pour un weekend rempli de bonheur <3

We encountered a little obstacle on our way, but did manage to arrive at Cap Ferrer after all...
We encountered a little obstacle on our way, but did manage to arrive at Cap Ferret after all…
Enjoying the sea with the girls <3
Enjoying the sea with the girls <3

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