Links I Like #12

Jim Morrisson, roadtrips, amusement parks and a lot of boobs: My favourite web picks.

Links I like 12

I have been wanting to go back to beautiful Amsterdam for so many years, and I will make sure to get inspiration from this guide upon my next trip: A Time Traveler’s Guide to Amsterdam.

Time for some rock’n’roll romanticism: Last Known Photos of Jim Morrison in Paris on June 28, 1971. Long live the lizard king.

While Broadly, the recently launched feminist subsidiary of Vice, features a lot of pretentious/useless articles (just like its big sister), they still publish a lot of smart stuff as well and the website has quickly become one of my favourite read for my daily dose of girlpower. For example: The History of Toplessness.

And speaking of toplessness – I also really enjoyed this photo piece: Downtime At The Whorehouse: When Bunny Ranch’s Working Girls Are Off The Clock.

There is something magical about roadtrips and one day I will drive around the US Thema-and-Louise-style for sure. In the meantime, dreaming about those inspiring routes will have to do: Hit the Road: 11 Itineraries for the Ride of Your Life.

Another place I definitely have to visit one day is the abandoned amusement park in Chernobyl. There is just something creepily fascinating about Soviet entertainment sites. It might not be the best time for a vacation in Ukraine though, but a trip to Saint Petersburg and a visit to the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games sounds like a good alternative: The Alternate Universe Of Soviet Arcade Games (Don’t just look at the pictures though, the whole article on gaming culture in the USSR – or lack thereof – is worth reading!).

And speaking of amusement parks: I love Coney Island and hope to go back soon, as New York is obviously always worth a visit: 150 Years Of Coney Island Thrills In Photos.

Links I Like #11

Badass women, modern love life, abandoned buildings and summer of love: my favourite things found on the WWW.

Links I like11

Women played an imported role in World War Two. Not just in the factories, where they replaced the men who were now risking their lives at the front. But also als pioneering army pilots, as we learn here: Women Beauties and their Bombers: Meet the “Top Gun” Heroines of WW2.

Smoking, drinking, driving, shooting, flying.. I love these stunning Vintage Snapshots of ‘Dangerous’ Women from between the 1930s and 1950s.

“What if you don’t care for diamond rings? What if you instead prefer dangerously deep water blue sapphires? What if you look better in the color black than you do in the color white?” Sounds familiar? Check out: I’m Not Just Looking For Love, I’m Looking For Someone Who Can Keep Up.

If I could chose one period in the history of mankind in which I would rather live than today, I would choose the late Sixties without hesitation. Love and rock’n’roll are all we need and oh how much would I give if I could travel back in time to be a part of the forever magical Woodstock: 20 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know about The Woodstock Music Festival of 1969.

The only thing cooler than a walk on the countryside is probably to  explore manmade places reclaimed by nature. I am a huge fan of all things Urbex, and this abandoned castle once owned by the Rothschild family in the suburbs of Paris is particularly awesome.

And last but not least: A Pair of Butterflies Photographed While Sipping on Turtle Tears in Ecuador. It’s as beautiful as it sounds and will surely bring a smile to your face.

Links I Like #10

Public pools, awesome hostels, Vampire Weekend, picturesque Paris, impressive borders and a little interview with myself: My favourite webpicks of the week.

Links I like10

Fellow traveller Alice from Teacake Travels asked me to do a little interview for her weekly feature Wander Woman Wednesdays. we talked about traveling – surprise, surprise – advice for other solo travelers and lots of other stuff. I think it turned out really well and invite you to check it out: Wander Woman Wednesdays: One Old Gypsy.

Borders are stupid and annoying and cause wars, but I admit that they can look quite good on picture: Physically Depicting Borders Between Countries Around The World.

Paris when it sizzles, Breathless, Amélie, Midnight in Paris – don’t we all agree that Paris looks just fantastic on film and makes you want to pack your bags immediately? From apartments abandoned in WWII to vintage theaters, artsy lofts or the catacombs: Here’s a Catalog of Secret Paris Filming Locations used by French Industry Scouts.

And speaking of packing your bags and leaving: Here are 19 Incredible Hostels Around The World. The ultimate proof that Hostels don’t always need to be old and smelly dormitories with moldy showers..

For no apparent reason, I just remembered that Vampire Weekend is one of the coolest bands alive and that their lead singer is brilliant and hilarious – at least on his Twitter account. You should check it out and me saying this means a lot, as I usually hate Twitter. On the same note: Ezra Koenig is very cute and I want him to be my boyfriend. <3

I usually associate public pools with the heavy smell of chlorine, sun screen, old french fries and children’s pee. Nevertheless, I got myself a season ticket for my local pool, as swimming is still one of my favourite cheap and easy workouts. And these pictures by photographer Stephan Zirwes proof that if you get rid of all the annoying people that tend to hang out there, pools can also be quite aesthetically pleasing:  (via DRLIMA)

Links I Like #9

Same sex marriage, vintage Barbies, traveling, books and rock’n’roll: Enjoy my favourite webpicks of the week.

Links I like 9

10 signs you’ve just had a South East Asian holiday. Yes, yes, yes. Please, take me back there!!!!

I made it a point to read a lot of Austrian literature this summer. Otherwise, I would definitely get my hands on some of this fantastic sounding books: 17 beach reads for and by badass women.

Speaking of the beach – this pictures make me want to go to the beach in some Betty Draper-esque bathing suit right away: See 12 Minitaure Stage-Sets with Vintage Barbies as Models.

Concerts and festivals are among my favourite activities in the whole world and I hope I will never feel like I am getting to old for this fun. If you feel like me, this article will speak to you: 25 Faces Every Festival Goer Will Recognise.

On that same matter: Yet another year has passed and I still have not been to Glastonbury (buhuuu). You might have heard that the Foo Fighters had to cancel their headline performance due to Dave Grohl’s broken leg. Even though James Blunt kindly offered to jump in on his brilliant Twitter account, the slot finally went to Florence + The Machine. And in order to honour the Foos, FATM performed the most beautiful cover version of “Times Like These”. I have been listening to this on repeat for at least three hours now <3 (via DRLIMA)

Even for experiencend travellers, taking a look at tips like these never hurts: These 14 Travel Hacks Will Save Your Vacation.

And for those new to travelling, the girls over at Travelettes have some great Tips for the First Time Solo Traveler.

I am sure you heard that the Surpreme Court of the US finally legalised same sex marriage in all fifty states. What a great step. Here are some Disasters You Can Expect Now That Marriage Equality Is Here. And how come countries like Germany and Austria are still so far behind on this topic?

And last but not least: I went to the movies this week and watched “Montage of Heck” – the first officially authorised documentary about Kurt Cobain, co-produced by his daughter Frances Bean. And even though I was never really able to understand the whole cult following around Kurt Cobain, I have to say: This movie this fantastic. A must see for all lovers of rock’n’roll music. Watch the trailer here but make sure to watch the movie in a theater, as you will need to watch it loud!


[Best Of] Beautiful Travel Tattoos

So yesterday I finally had the balls to do something I have been thinking about for years: I got a tattoo. Turns out that my fear was not necessary (even though it did hurt) and 12 hours later I am still completely in love with it. I’ll definitely post a picture soon, but for now, check out these beautiful travel related tattoos found on Instagram.


New York, Paris, London… Where to start?


Flying is boring and annoying, but airplanes are still the easiest way to travel to all those beautiful places on your bucket list.


A much nicer way to get from A to B: The good old bicycle!

Hot Air Balloons

For those who prefer a very vintage way of travelling.


…of your favourite place(s) on earth of course.


North, East, South, West – Where to go next?

World Map

Yes, every basic white girl on Instagram seems to have this tattoo these days. Chiara Ferragni also has it. But whatever, I still think it’s a nice one. Bonus: You can colour the countries you have been to.


A bit more original than the layout of the world map.

Exotic Animals

I love elephants, flamingos, peacocks, sea turtles etc. and think they make for beautiful tattoos.

Sights and Landmarks

Because we’ll always have Paris…


You finally made a big dream come true? Why not getting a very special souvenir?

Airport Codes

While I do not have great memories of all the airports I have been to (read more about my Airport Adventures – One Old Gypsy here), this tattoo is such a cool and easy way to instantly bring back awesome travel memories.

#airport code of your fave cities #tattoo idea #ink #travel #traveltheme #traveltattoo

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Travel Quotes

Some might say they’re cheesy, but in my opinion all those travel quotes are still a good source of inspiration and motivation.


Mountains, Sea, Forests: Nature is so beautiful and provides plenty of inspiration for awesome tats.

Or: All of the above aka The Ultimate Travel Tattoo

While something like this would look completely over the top on me, I still love this tattoo so much. It kind of feels like the inked version of a Wes Anderson movie, doesn’t it?

Links I like: #GIRLPOWER Edition

So you still think that feminists are man-hating monsters who don’t shave their armpits and hate sex and lipstick? Let me tell you something: You. Are. Wrong! And you probably also think that clothes, make-up and diets are all girls care about: Wrong. Again! There are so many cool websites out there these days, providing clever, useful, honest and inspiring content for girls and women of all ages and backgrounds, proving that modern girls and women can be both feminists AND girly. Here are some of my favourites:

Content of Womens Magazines

Rookie: “Rookie is a website for teenage girls. With monthly-themed content, we update three times every weekday, and once a day on weekends.”

Well, my teenage days are long gone, but Rookie is still one of my favourite websites on the entire www. Rookie offers everything the young indie heart desires and is the ultimate resource for whimsical collages, DIY outfits, Sylvia Plath and Patti Smith quotes, indie rock playlists and life advice from cool celebs such as Jon Hamm, edited by the awesome Tavi Gevinson (who has been around the internet for ages and is still only 18 years old!) and her long list of contributors.

But the website features also a lot of serious content – about broken homes, school bullying and eating disorders, just to name a few. I would have loved to have had such a platform back in the day, providing smart content aimed at empowering girls instead of bluntly informing them about the latest make-up trends. I particularly love how they also address many issues often left out by other media, such as LGBT, gender identities and black feminism.

HelloGiggles: “HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering DIY and crafting projects, beauty, friendship, sex & relationships, pop culture, pets, television & movies, nostalgia, fandom, tips on savvy and stylish living meant to inspire a smile. Founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi. Reader contributions are welcome and published daily.”

Yes, you read correctly: the Zooey Deschanel, plus a former xxx-actress and a writer. HelloGiggles is a bit more mainstream than Rookie, featuring a lot less intellectually challenging content. Still, they cover a ton different topics and many cool articles, always with a positive attitude.

leslie knope inspiration

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls: Founded by actor and writer Amy Poehler and producer Meredith Walker, the Smart Girls organization is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to so much that is being marketed to young people on the internet. Our motto is: Change the World by Being Yourself. (…) We emphasize intelligence and imagination over “fitting in.” We celebrate curiosity over gossip. We are a place where people can truly be their weird and wonderful selves. We are funny first, and informative second, hosting the party you want to attend.”

Such a great, great initiative by my icon Amy Poehler (all hail Leslie Knope!). Smart Girls not only features a lot of smart content, but also regularly puts truly inspirational girls and women of all fields (sports, academia, arts, politics…) in the spotlight – always staying true to their mission to empower girls of all ages, backgrounds and with all kinds of interests.

Lean In: “The book Lean In is focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do. LeanIn.Org is the next chapter. We are committed to offering women the ongoing inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals. If we talk openly about the challenges women face and work together, we can change the trajectory of women and create a better world for everyone.”

After the success of Sheryl Sandberg’s well researched book of the same name, the Facebook COO and one of the most influential women in the world launched a foundation and online platform, aiming at empowering women at work and fighting for equality both on the job and at home. The website features a lot of inspirational stories from and browsing trough the different testimonials is a perfect source for regaining confidence after a hard day at work or in school.

On the same note, I really recommend “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” to all my fellow girls who rock their job – regardless your field or career-level. It presents a lot of research and practicial advice on how to deal with sexism, lack of confidence and other obstacles. Or, as it states on the website: “Lean In is packed with practical advice for women on how to believe in themselves, pursue any goal and take a seat at any table.” Check out Sheryl Sandberg’s fantastic Ted Talk for a little foretaste. I am sure you will be hungry for more afterwards!


#girlboss: The book #girlboss by Sophie Amoruso is a younger girls’ version of Sandberg’s Lean In – another read I highly recommend! In her book, 31 year old Amoruso tells her impressive story of how she worked her way up from selling a stolen book back in her grunge days to building a highly successful eBay store for vintage clothes, to now running one of the world’s biggest online shops.

It features also success stories and career advice from other inspirational women and loads of funny anecdotes. After the success of the her book, the rock’n’roll entrepreneur launched an online platform of the same name. She also launched a foundation, providing grants for promising female arts projets. Unfortunately, the blog has gone a bite quiet in recent days, but I hope they will go back to posting great new content soon.

Ban bossy: “When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” Words like bossy send a message: don’t raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys—a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage girls to lead.”

The #banbossy campaign was launched by the Lean In Foundation in collaboration with the Girls Scouts of America, with a super amazing video featuring some of the coolest leaders of our time – from Beyoncé to Diane von Fürstenberg (scroll down to watch the video). On their website, they provide leadership advice for girls, parents, teachers and managers alike and also feature some inspirational stories about girls who run the world, events etc.

Unfortunately, just like #girlboss, the website has gone a bit quiet recently. So, in case anyone in charge there is reading this: Pllleasee come back soon with more brilliant content, as your work is so, so important to pave the way for future leaders!

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Links I like #8

Things found in old records, an American road trip, Wes Anderson’s secret Paris, The Strokes and cool things to do this summer: Enjoy my favourite web picks of the week.

links I like 8

The title pretty much says it all: Sidi-Omar Alami’s Road-Trip Photos Of The US Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags

I recently mentioned in this post that I saw one of my favourite bands of all times, The Stroke, live again at Primavera Sound festival for the first time since 2006. And while I think the show was not superbe, I loved how the music really is some sort of soundtrack to the collective teenage memories of my generation. Or, to quote Alex Turner: “The Strokes were ‘that one band that comes along when you are 14 or 15-years-old that manages to hit you in just the right way and changes your whole perception of things.’” I really enjoyed reading this long interview with Julian Casablances on Noisey, in which he talks about everything from the early days of fame to modern politics: Maybe You Live Twice: Julian Casablancas’s New Void (via Rookie)

Even since I came back from Barcelona, Austria has been blessed with the most perfect summery weather and I am enjoying every second of it. So this beautiful slideshow of cool things to do this summer comes just in time: 14 Things We Can’t Wait to Do This Summer, compiled by Fathom via Instagram.

Do you know the feeling when you take out a bag that you haven’t worn in a while and discover some treasures inside, such as spare change or a lipstick? It’s even more exciting when you buy a vintage bag and discover somebody else’s stuff. The only thing that can top this: Hidden treasures found in old records. Check out this Instagram account if you are curious about the gems hidden between the vinyls.

I am a huge, huge fans of all things Wes Anderson AND – even though I just decided to no longer live there – my heart will always beat for Paris. Nessy seems to feel the same way and imagined what Wes Anderson would do on a typical day in Paris. Museums, theater, shopping and eating: I’ll be sure to check out some of the whimsical places on my next stay in Paris: A Guide to Wes Anderson’s Paris.

Fance a ride down Memory Lane? 27 Unforgettable Things All ’00s Teenage Girls Did In The Summer. I am guilty of way too many…

Links I like #7

So much reading to do! I was without a computer for several weeks and now have to catch up on all my favourite blogs and online magazines. Here are some of my favourite internet picks of the past weeks so far.

links I like 7

While I am very, very happy to no longer be a teenager, I am still addicted to classic teenage movies. So of course, I love this Compendium of Teenage Bedrooms on Screen. I might also use this for some inspiration for my future home…

As some of you might have noticed, I am quite obsessed with Instagram. Here are some useful tipps on how to take better photos with your phone while on the go. Because carrying that heavy camara with you all the time can just be so annoying: How To Take Your Travel Photos To The Next Level.

Some interesting learnings from one of the world’s most influential travel bloggers: 15 Secrets I Learned Along The Road To Freedom.

My favourite teenage feminists have published a cute, yet smart guide on How to Deal With Catcallers. Because NO, catcalling is NOT OK and unfortunately, we all have been and will be in situations where those tipps might come in handy.

The important questions in life: Would You Have Ended Up With Daniel Cleaver Or Mark Darcy?

You might have heard about the north Indian village Mawlynnong, in which women are in charge – one of very few matriarchic societies in the world. German photographer Karolin Küppel visited the village and took a series of portrait of its inhabitants, saying: “In the Khasi culture, (…) women and girls have a special standing in the society and, of course, this exceptional role ‘produces’ a great self-confidence. I did not want to do a classical documentary on their culture, but tried to capture this outstanding role somehow. I decided to make a portrait series of the girls because I was so impressed by their self-assured appearance and thought this must be how matriliny becomes visible.” Watch the beautiful slideshow over at the NY Times: Girls Rule in an Indian Village (via Rookie)

After two months without a computer, I have plenty of emails to catch up to. Luckily, my mailbox is not only full with overdue bills and other lame stuff, but also lots and lots of new music from “MailTape” – a weekly newsletter with the perfect tunes for a lazy Sunday morning. I will take the time to listen to all of them and already love this one.

One of my biggest pleasures in life is riding my bike around the city when the sun is out. So you can imagine my delight when I learnt how the rise of early feminism was connected to the invention of the bicycle. As one magazine from 1896 described it: “To men, the bicycle…was merely a new toy, another machine added to the long list of devices they knew in their work and play. To women, it was a steed upon which they rode into a new world.” – How The Bicycle Liberated Victorian Women & Kick-Started American Feminism (via Rookie)