[Soundtrack of my Life] Metronomy – The Look

Paris has been blessed with wonderful spring weather these past few days and the sunshine, warmer temperatures and longer days make me feel oh so happy. There is one song I particularly associate with this wonderful season and it never fails to get my mood up: The Look by Metronomy. It was released in spring 2011, when I was living in Berlin, and I remember dancing down my street to this catchy tune every morning on my way to work. Berlin in the springtime is wicked, but Paris is not so bad either and I am happy to get to spend a few sunny days in the city before heading to Asia.

[Soundtrack of my Life] The Strokes – You only live once

I just booked a Surf-and-Yoga camp in Sri Lanka. This means my travel plans for this year are getting really serious. While being super excited, I was also parallely whining to some friends on Facebook about how I was kind of scared at the same time. But I went on to confirm my booking anyways, because no risk no fun etc. And while I was about to hit the final “Confirm” button, this song by the Strokes came on the radio. This has to be a sign, RIGHT?

I also kind of forgot how hot the Strokes were back in the days and am super excited about seeing them again this year at Primavera Sound in Barcelona…

[Soundtrack of my Life] M.I.A – Paper Planes

I listened to this song a lot when I lived in Berlin, preferably in the morning on my way to work, while changing at Alexanderplatz Ubahn station. While I do know that this song is not about travelling, but – according to M.I.A. herself – about clichés against immigrants, I always associate this song – which might be one of the best of all times – with travelling. Maybe it’s because it has “planes” in the title, maybe it’s because it will forever remind me of that beautiful train scene in Slumdog Millionnaire. In any case, I do look forward to listening to it a lot during my upcoming trip to Sri Lanka, where M.I.A. is originally from.


This song describes exactly how I have been feeling for the past weeks. I could listen to it at least 200 times a day (and most days, this is what I do). When I took the plane to go back home for Christmas a few weeks ago, I even managed to time it perfectly, so that the lyrics would start the exact second my plane took off and it made me feel as if I were in a movie.

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