Travelhacks according to Kayak

Kayak is my go-to source whenever looking for flights, as I think it’s less annoying to use than many other metasearch engines. The company recently published an interesting (and interactive) infographic, analysing more than a billion search requests in order to find out when, where and how to travel smarter.

Kayak Travel Hacker

According to the website, Milan has been the most up and coming travel destination, followed by Rio de Janeiro and Portland. The best deals can be made when travelling to Milan, Hyderabad and New Delhi. The website also publishes stats on when to travel and on how long in advance to book your flights. Unsurprisingly, mid-week flights are often cheaper than weekend trips and prices tend to skyrocket around Christmas.

Travelhacking is definitely a topic I want to get into more, as I am currently really bad at making good deals when travelling, so I will make sure to take a close look on Kayak’s hacks.

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