[Soundtrack of my Life] Lana del Rey – Ride

Do you know that feeling of mellow summer evenings that are picture perfect thanks to the sun setting beautifully over the sound of the sea – but still you can’t help but feeling a little blue?

A couple weeks ago, I set out for a roadtrip with my (sometimes very difficult) grandmother. I drove all the way from Austria to Croatia via Bosnia to visit some family.

I was exhausted from another fight with my grandmother and a bit hungover from too much wine from the night before. And there it was: Watching the quiet sea from our private patio, I suddenly had a heavy heart. Luckily I have the whole “Born to Die – Paradise” album by the queen of Summertime Sadness – Lana del Rey – on my phone and could just enjoy my melancholic sadness for a few hours, until the world looked brighter again. The perfect soundtrack for some emo girl road trippin’.

I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone at midnight.
Been tryin’ hard not to get into trouble,
But I, I’ve got a war in my mind.

I just ride.


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