Links I like #1

I quite enjoy those kind of articles on many other blogs and am constantly looking for new reads and procrastinations myself, so I will try my best to regularly share my favourite web picks as well. Enjoy!

Links I like 1

Ten Travel Resolutions for Every Travelette in 2015 come in quite handy for me, since I decided to spend a big part of this year travelling.

This sweater is an absolute must have for every four year old (that’s the only kids size they have left). No one on the playground got swagger like that. Also available for adults, but way less cool!

10 tipps for a more relaxed life by one of my favourite bloggers, DariaDaria (in German). My favourite: Make “I’m as awesome as a unicorn” your mantra.

I’m pretty tall and usually kind of like it, but sometimes being tall can be a real pain in the ass: 23 Things Tall Girls Won’t Ever Say on Buzzfeed.

Rookie’s Friday Playlist: Take Your Time. Because “Listening to this group of late-breaking heroes helps me remember that my life can happen whenever I want it to, and then it can happen again, and again, recursively but also in all different directions. “My life” does not have to be ONE career, person, education, cause, or group of loved ones. Nor does yours. Nor does Debbie Harry’s.”

Rookie again: How to Tell Creepy Dudes to Leave You Alone. And a very good example of embarrassing a guy after he publicly harrassed a woman in India. Filming the guy who harrassed you and then posting the video on Youtube is genius. Imagine how embarrassed that shitface must feel (and deservedly so).

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