Links I Like #10

Public pools, awesome hostels, Vampire Weekend, picturesque Paris, impressive borders and a little interview with myself: My favourite webpicks of the week.

Links I like10

Fellow traveller Alice from Teacake Travels asked me to do a little interview for her weekly feature Wander Woman Wednesdays. we talked about traveling – surprise, surprise – advice for other solo travelers and lots of other stuff. I think it turned out really well and invite you to check it out: Wander Woman Wednesdays: One Old Gypsy.

Borders are stupid and annoying and cause wars, but I admit that they can look quite good on picture: Physically Depicting Borders Between Countries Around The World.

Paris when it sizzles, Breathless, Amélie, Midnight in Paris – don’t we all agree that Paris looks just fantastic on film and makes you want to pack your bags immediately? From apartments abandoned in WWII to vintage theaters, artsy lofts or the catacombs: Here’s a Catalog of Secret Paris Filming Locations used by French Industry Scouts.

And speaking of packing your bags and leaving: Here are 19 Incredible Hostels Around The World. The ultimate proof that Hostels don’t always need to be old and smelly dormitories with moldy showers..

For no apparent reason, I just remembered that Vampire Weekend is one of the coolest bands alive and that their lead singer is brilliant and hilarious – at least on his Twitter account. You should check it out and me saying this means a lot, as I usually hate Twitter. On the same note: Ezra Koenig is very cute and I want him to be my boyfriend. <3

I usually associate public pools with the heavy smell of chlorine, sun screen, old french fries and children’s pee. Nevertheless, I got myself a season ticket for my local pool, as swimming is still one of my favourite cheap and easy workouts. And these pictures by photographer Stephan Zirwes proof that if you get rid of all the annoying people that tend to hang out there, pools can also be quite aesthetically pleasing:  (via DRLIMA)

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