Links I Like #12

Jim Morrisson, roadtrips, amusement parks and a lot of boobs: My favourite web picks.

Links I like 12

I have been wanting to go back to beautiful Amsterdam for so many years, and I will make sure to get inspiration from this guide upon my next trip: A Time Traveler’s Guide to Amsterdam.

Time for some rock’n’roll romanticism: Last Known Photos of Jim Morrison in Paris on June 28, 1971. Long live the lizard king.

While Broadly, the recently launched feminist subsidiary of Vice, features a lot of pretentious/useless articles (just like its big sister), they still publish a lot of smart stuff as well and the website has quickly become one of my favourite read for my daily dose of girlpower. For example: The History of Toplessness.

And speaking of toplessness – I also really enjoyed this photo piece: Downtime At The Whorehouse: When Bunny Ranch’s Working Girls Are Off The Clock.

There is something magical about roadtrips and one day I will drive around the US Thema-and-Louise-style for sure. In the meantime, dreaming about those inspiring routes will have to do: Hit the Road: 11 Itineraries for the Ride of Your Life.

Another place I definitely have to visit one day is the abandoned amusement park in Chernobyl. There is just something creepily fascinating about Soviet entertainment sites. It might not be the best time for a vacation in Ukraine though, but a trip to Saint Petersburg and a visit to the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games sounds like a good alternative: The Alternate Universe Of Soviet Arcade Games (Don’t just look at the pictures though, the whole article on gaming culture in the USSR – or lack thereof – is worth reading!).

And speaking of amusement parks: I love Coney Island and hope to go back soon, as New York is obviously always worth a visit: 150 Years Of Coney Island Thrills In Photos.

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