Links I like #3

Old fashionable men, beautiful cities, LGBT weddings and a whole lot of girl power: My favourite web picks of the week.

links I like 3

53 Beautiful Cities Everyone Should Visit At Least Once. I’ve already been to 15 cities mentioned in this article; Bangkok and Venice are already booked and if everything happens according to plan, I will tick off some more cities this year :)

What could possibly be cooler than stylish young men? Right! Stylish old men, aka Fashion Grandpas. (via Rookie)

A smooth little playlist by Delicieuse Music. Perfect for a quiet Sunday night in.

There can never be enough smart websites for teen girls, so I was very pleased to find out about Amy Phoeler’s Smart Girls. The website and Facebook page puts the spotlight on female achievers of all sorts – sports, arts, science, business… Because doing something “like a girl” is NOT an offence – it’s freaking awesome! And YES OK I KNOW I am not a teenager any more, but I still love websites like Hello Giggles and, especially, Rookie.

On the same matter, make sur to check out this video:

My graphic designer co-worker and I are both addicted to Pinterest and Pinterest-worthy food, photos, furniture etc. and constantly send each other stuff we find online. Recently she sent me an article on a beautiful same-sex wedding and we discussed how most wedding blogs tend to feature only heterosexual weddings. So I was very pleased when a few days later, I accidentally came across an entire Pinterest board dedicated to beautiful LBGT weddings, curated by Offbeat Bride. I don’t really believe in mariage, but do think that everybody who wants to get married should have the right to do so and these photos show that same-sex weddings can be just as beautiful!

And last but not least, professional advice by Foursquare’s VP of Product Management: Manage your time like Google invests its resources: 70/20/10 – an interesting approach not only for Product Managers.

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