Links I like #4

Books, the Spice Girls and Joy Furr Division: My favourite links of the week.

Links I like 4

I have been an avid reader for as long as I remember. I remember once going on a holiday and bringing a three-volume edition of St. Clare’s, which my mum was expecting to get me through this two week vacation. Well, I finished it within two or three days. So it is hard for me to imagine a A Childhood Without Books – even though this a reality we are clearly facing.

Exactly eighteen years ago, Geri Halliwell wore the iconic Union Jack “dress” to the BRITs and wrote pop history. On the occasion of this year’s awards, Geri posted this message on Insta. <3


Ein von Geri Halliwell (@therealgerihalliwell) gepostetes Foto am

Also, this plus the fact that I celebrated my 27th birthday last weekend suddenly makes me feel very old. Watch the whole performance from 1997 here.

We all know that travelling broadens our mind in so many ways. World of Wanderlust shares her experiences on this in her article “TRAVEL MADE ME BETTER AT…

Sometimes I feel like all I do for a living is writing emails and attending meetings. Meetings can be particularly boring and/or pointless, so I find these 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings without actually putting an effort into it come in pretty handy.

I LOVE Joy Division and I LOVE Lolcats, which is why I love this Furr Division print. (via KFMW)

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