Links I like #6

Mad Men, Taylor Swift and a lot of travel advice and inspiration: My favourite web picks of the week:

Links I like 6

Regarding my upcoming solo trip to Asia, I found these 19 Tips for Solo Female Travellers quite helpful. Most of them are just common sense, but it’s always good to get a little reminder.

I haven’t even left for my trip to Sri Lanka and Myanmar yet and am already thinking about where to travel next. This post provides great inspiration: 10 best places to go in the world next

Those who know me know I am a big sucker for TV series. I am very sad that one of my all-time favourites, Mad Men, will be coming to an end in a few weeks and really enjoyed reading this behind-the-scenes piece: The Uncensored, Epic, Never-Told Story Behind ‘Mad Men’. (via Rookie)

Those who know me equally know that I am a sucker for Buzzfeed’s listicles AND have a not-so-secret girlcrush on Taylor Swift. So naturally, 26 Times Taylor Swift Summed Up Relationships In Your Twenties is exactly my kind of article for a lazy Saturday morning…

happy free confused lonely taylor swift

Bringing along good books is a must while traveling, and this list by Hello Giggles provides some great suggestions: 10 literary heroines who inspire us every day. (Because #girlpower and stuff)

And last but not least, some more travel inspiration: Friends want life advice? Tell them to travel more! (via My Thousand Worlds)

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