Links I Like #9

Same sex marriage, vintage Barbies, traveling, books and rock’n’roll: Enjoy my favourite webpicks of the week.

Links I like 9

10 signs you’ve just had a South East Asian holiday. Yes, yes, yes. Please, take me back there!!!!

I made it a point to read a lot of Austrian literature this summer. Otherwise, I would definitely get my hands on some of this fantastic sounding books: 17 beach reads for and by badass women.

Speaking of the beach – this pictures make me want to go to the beach in some Betty Draper-esque bathing suit right away: See 12 Minitaure Stage-Sets with Vintage Barbies as Models.

Concerts and festivals are among my favourite activities in the whole world and I hope I will never feel like I am getting to old for this fun. If you feel like me, this article will speak to you: 25 Faces Every Festival Goer Will Recognise.

On that same matter: Yet another year has passed and I still have not been to Glastonbury (buhuuu). You might have heard that the Foo Fighters had to cancel their headline performance due to Dave Grohl’s broken leg. Even though James Blunt kindly offered to jump in on his brilliant Twitter account, the slot finally went to Florence + The Machine. And in order to honour the Foos, FATM performed the most beautiful cover version of “Times Like These”. I have been listening to this on repeat for at least three hours now <3 (via DRLIMA)

Even for experiencend travellers, taking a look at tips like these never hurts: These 14 Travel Hacks Will Save Your Vacation.

And for those new to travelling, the girls over at Travelettes have some great Tips for the First Time Solo Traveler.

I am sure you heard that the Surpreme Court of the US finally legalised same sex marriage in all fifty states. What a great step. Here are some Disasters You Can Expect Now That Marriage Equality Is Here. And how come countries like Germany and Austria are still so far behind on this topic?

And last but not least: I went to the movies this week and watched “Montage of Heck” – the first officially authorised documentary about Kurt Cobain, co-produced by his daughter Frances Bean. And even though I was never really able to understand the whole cult following around Kurt Cobain, I have to say: This movie this fantastic. A must see for all lovers of rock’n’roll music. Watch the trailer here but make sure to watch the movie in a theater, as you will need to watch it loud!


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