[Soundtrack of my Life] Alex Turner – Piledriver Waltz

Alex Turner is one of my ultimate rockstar crushes. Not only because he is handsome af, but also because he writes some of the most beautiful lyrics of our time.

Last Monday, I went to the movies followed by some drinks with my brother in Vienna. It was getting late and I was not sure if it was worth waiting for ages for the last tram, so I decided to walk home through Vienna’s beautiful, beautiful city center.

It was dark and rainy outside and the streets were completely empty. I had the whole inner city to myself and was once again mesmerised by the nostalgic elegance that is so typical for Vienna. And there couldn’t have been a better soundtrack for this gloomy walk than the “Submarine” EP by said Mr. Turner.

Submarine is one of my favourite movies (Coming-of-Age + Indie Music + British School Uniforms = <3) and the sweet melancholy of the soundtrack made me fall in love with Alex Turner a bit more.

I listen to it a lot when I feel a bit wistful, and this song is my absolute favourite from the album. Here’s the acoustic version – enjoy.

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