[Soundtrack of my Life] Alt-J – Taro

I have been in love with Alt-J ever since I first found out about them. But I never really listened to their music much – until I went to Asia. It turned out that their songs are the perfect soundscape for the endless hours spent on the local train and busses. Particularly the song Taro, with its cute little Asian-inspired melody, blended in perfectly with the sceneries of Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

I was so excited to finally seeing them play live at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona a few weeks ago. The show was not half as good as I expected, but I still enjoyed it and was super happy when they played this very song. It’s always one of the best moments when a band you really like plays your favourite song on the stage and it brings back a ton of good memories. Well ok, Alt-J have only released two albums so far, so the chances of them playing Taro were pretty high to begin with… But I was still more than happy to hear my favourite tune and to think back to some exciting Sri Lankan train rides.

And in case you’re wondering: The song is about war photographer Gerda Taro.

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