[Soundtrack of my Life] Nada Surf – Blankest Year

I had the blankest year
I saw life turn into a tv show
It was totally weird
The person I knew
I didn’t really know

Oh fuck it, I’m gonna have a party!

This has been one of my favourite songs in the world ever since it was first released ten years ago. In 2006, I saw them play at a festival and remember dancing to this song with my friend Gudrun, having the time of our lives. This was the summer after we graduated from high school and life felt like an endless party.

Ten years later, however, this song describes my situation better than ever: I do feel as if my life had turned into a TV show and it’s NOT a good thing. Less like a sitcom, but something more on the dramatic side. Think Dawson’s Creek meets Grey’s Anatomy. I am so very tired of all this drama now and am more than excited to leave for my big trip in ten days, leaving it all behind. Because: Fuck it, I’m gonna have a party!

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