[Soundtrack of my Life] Phoenix – Lisztomania

Today, I am leaving Paris. Maybe not for good, but at least for some time. Phoenix has been one of my long-time favourite bands, and I associate their sound so much with my Parisian life and the people in it. One of my highlights was seeing them live at la Cigale in 2013. Phoenix usually play the biggest stadiums, so being able to see them at this intimate venue was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that definitely made it into the Top Five of my favourite concerts (even though I am unable to choose the other four – there are just too many of them). The concert took place just days before my entire life as I knew it fell apart and clearly marks the end of an era for me. And today it’s officially time to turn the page and to make new memories. Au revoir, Paris!

(Ok in fact it was super hard to choose just one song, because I basically link the entire Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Bankrupt! albums to my Paris-experience. Of course, Consolation Prizes – my secret favourite – and the eternal classic If I ever feel better should not be forgotten either.)

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