[Travel Diary] Stockholm

For my birthday this year, I decided to get out of Paris and visit my good friend Katha, who currently lives in Stockholm. I had a wonderful time and couldn’t have wished for a better birthday weekend. 

Stockholm Waterfront
The view from Fotografiska

I have been to Stockholm twice before and on each visit, I like this city a bit more. The people, the architecture, the water, the nature, the design, the bars, the food… Everyone and everything is so nice, healthy, chic, cosy and clean. I am also very lucky to have great friends in Stockholm, who show me all their favourite places.

While my friend Katha had to work on Friday, I decided to check out Fotografiska – the museum of photography. Currently on display: “In Full Light” (Herb Ritts), Fotogram (Ewa Stackelberg) and – my favourite – Narratives by Adi Nes. I really enjoyed the exhibitions, but at the same time, I have never been to a photography museum I didn’t like.

Stockholm Fotografiska Gamla Stan
Fotografiska and a cute detail from Gamla Stan

I then walked around beautiful Gamla Stan a bit, before hitting an amazing place in Östermalm with my old friend Cajsa: Taverna Brillo. The best thing about being on vacation is that you can start drinking beer at three in the afternoon without feeling too guilty :) The place was huge and divided into what felt like a million different areas (among others a café, a bar, a bakery and a restaurant) and everything looked totally awesome. We didn’t have food there, but I really want to go back next time for some dinner.

I then met up with Katha and we peeked into Radio Skanstull, which was recommended to us by Cajsa. The place was really small and cosy, but since we were starving and they didn’t serve food, we decided to have an early dinner instead. We headed to one of Katha’s favourite places, which was just across the street: Kåken. The restaurant, which also has a hidden bar and terrasse in the back, was so nice and cosy, I could have spent the whole evening there. The food was delicious as well, and there’s not much else it takes to make me happy.

The original plan was to make a tour of several bars, but since we had a really cosy spot at Judit & Bertil, where we met up with Katha’s friends, we just got stuck there and stayed until they kicked us out at 1 o’clock.

For my birthday on Saturday, we went to the ABBA museum, which I absolutely loved. But then again, I have never been to a single museum or exhibition about music that I didn’t enjoy. Even my friend enjoyed the museum, even though she is not particularly fond of ABBA. I managed to trick her into accompanying me by telling her it was what I wished for for my birthday, so she didn’t really have a choice :)

Stockholm Abba Museum
At the ABBA Museum

As a true ABBA fan, I guess this was the highlight of my weekend! Not only do you get a great insight of the history of ABBA and their music. A lot of the original costumes and instruments are also on display, as well as their original studio. The best part: You can also sing karaoke (which we totally sucked at) and star in their videos (the best!). There’s a video of us dancing like mad to Dancing Queen, which will hopefully never see the light of day again.

We then took a short walk to Sjöcafeet, which is a really cute and cosy café next to the water. Their pizza looked amazing, but we decided to head back to Katha’s cosy flat for some quality time over a homemade meal, before heading to Slakthuset for drinking and dancing.

After all this drinking and partying, we decided to take it easy on Sunday: From Slussen, a little boat took us to the island Djurgården. It’s a 10 minute ride and you don’t even need a special ticket – just the regular metrocard. So cool!

We took a nice walk in the park and had some tea and yummy carrot cake (my favourite!) in Rosendals Trädgård. It’s a flower shop, bakery and café all in one and a lot of the food and drinks they sell come from their own production. I just loved this place and can only image how awesome it must be in summer, when you can sip on some drinks in the beautiful garden. If I ever get married (which I won’t), it will be there. I also brought some yummy tea from their shop back to Paris.

Stockholm Djurgården Rosendals Trädgård
Walking around Djurgården and chilling at Rosendals Trädgård

The original plan was to get some more fresh air afterwards, but it simply got too cold in the meantime. So we had some more tea in Kungsträdgården before I headed back to Paris on Sunday night. I guess it’s quite obvious by now that one of my favourite passtimes in the worlds is having coffee or tea with friends…

I really like Stockholm and could perfectly picture myself living there – if only it wasn’t for the one (and all decisive) downside: The climate! But even though the weather was far from ideal, I had the best birthday weekend! Thanks again Katha for being such a perfect host and friend <3

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