[Women who travel] Uschi Obermaier

There are so many people (mostly women) I admire and who inspire me, despite the fact that I have never met them (and probably never will). Strong, independent people who do their own thing no matter what others think of them. People who find a way to stand up again, to move forward after a big backlash. People who travel.

Uschi Obermaier 6

One such person is Uschi Obermaier. Growing up in conservative Bavaria in the 1950s, she went on to “live the dream of an entire generation”: Thanks to her superbe looks (she stripped down again for Playboy when she was sixty and still looked hotter than I probably ever will) and confident attitude, she became a sought-after photomodel. Longing to get out of her small minded Bavarian world, she joined the Kommune 1 in Berlin in the late 1960’s, where it was all about Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll (according to Wikipedia). Read more after the jump. Read more