[Sountrack Of My Life] Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

This beautiful piece of music was released when I was stuck in a particularly hopeless love affair and I listened to it oh so many times, feeling happy that – even if not the guy in question – at least somebody understood how I felt. Three years later, this affair is a thing of the past and life is generally pretty good. However, sometimes I still feel that for every step I take in the right direction, I take two steps back. The gloomy weather is not particularly helping me fight this autumn blues. But luckily, two days from now I will be sitting on a plane towards Argentina. I am done feeling emo. Spring is coming!

[Soundtrack of my Life] Lana del Rey – Ride

Do you know that feeling of mellow summer evenings that are picture perfect thanks to the sun setting beautifully over the sound of the sea – but still you can’t help but feeling a little blue?

A couple weeks ago, I set out for a roadtrip with my (sometimes very difficult) grandmother. I drove all the way from Austria to Croatia via Bosnia to visit some family.

I was exhausted from another fight with my grandmother and a bit hungover from too much wine from the night before. And there it was: Watching the quiet sea from our private patio, I suddenly had a heavy heart. Luckily I have the whole “Born to Die – Paradise” album by the queen of Summertime Sadness – Lana del Rey – on my phone and could just enjoy my melancholic sadness for a few hours, until the world looked brighter again. The perfect soundtrack for some emo girl road trippin’.

I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone at midnight.
Been tryin’ hard not to get into trouble,
But I, I’ve got a war in my mind.

I just ride.


[Soundtrack of my Life] Kid Cudi – All Summer

My favourite season is in full swing and I have plenty of cool things planned for the weeks ahead: Horseback riding for the first time in more than a decade in the Austrian countryside, visiting distant family in Bosnia for the first time in 17 years and taking my motorbike license – just to name a few. Hell yes!

Of course, every summer needs its soundtrack. However, I haven’t stumbled upon a really fantastic summer song this year so far. Luckily, this summery tune from 2010, featuring Best Coast and beloved Vampire Weekend, never fails to get me in the perfect mood – even on long winter nights.

[Soundtrack of my Life] Alex Turner – Piledriver Waltz

Alex Turner is one of my ultimate rockstar crushes. Not only because he is handsome af, but also because he writes some of the most beautiful lyrics of our time.

Last Monday, I went to the movies followed by some drinks with my brother in Vienna. It was getting late and I was not sure if it was worth waiting for ages for the last tram, so I decided to walk home through Vienna’s beautiful, beautiful city center.

It was dark and rainy outside and the streets were completely empty. I had the whole inner city to myself and was once again mesmerised by the nostalgic elegance that is so typical for Vienna. And there couldn’t have been a better soundtrack for this gloomy walk than the “Submarine” EP by said Mr. Turner.

Submarine is one of my favourite movies (Coming-of-Age + Indie Music + British School Uniforms = <3) and the sweet melancholy of the soundtrack made me fall in love with Alex Turner a bit more.

I listen to it a lot when I feel a bit wistful, and this song is my absolute favourite from the album. Here’s the acoustic version – enjoy.

[Soundtrack of my Life] Alt-J – Taro

I have been in love with Alt-J ever since I first found out about them. But I never really listened to their music much – until I went to Asia. It turned out that their songs are the perfect soundscape for the endless hours spent on the local train and busses. Particularly the song Taro, with its cute little Asian-inspired melody, blended in perfectly with the sceneries of Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

I was so excited to finally seeing them play live at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona a few weeks ago. The show was not half as good as I expected, but I still enjoyed it and was super happy when they played this very song. It’s always one of the best moments when a band you really like plays your favourite song on the stage and it brings back a ton of good memories. Well ok, Alt-J have only released two albums so far, so the chances of them playing Taro were pretty high to begin with… But I was still more than happy to hear my favourite tune and to think back to some exciting Sri Lankan train rides.

And in case you’re wondering: The song is about war photographer Gerda Taro.

[Soundtrack of my Life] Phoenix – Lisztomania

Today, I am leaving Paris. Maybe not for good, but at least for some time. Phoenix has been one of my long-time favourite bands, and I associate their sound so much with my Parisian life and the people in it. One of my highlights was seeing them live at la Cigale in 2013. Phoenix usually play the biggest stadiums, so being able to see them at this intimate venue was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that definitely made it into the Top Five of my favourite concerts (even though I am unable to choose the other four – there are just too many of them). The concert took place just days before my entire life as I knew it fell apart and clearly marks the end of an era for me. And today it’s officially time to turn the page and to make new memories. Au revoir, Paris!

(Ok in fact it was super hard to choose just one song, because I basically link the entire Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Bankrupt! albums to my Paris-experience. Of course, Consolation Prizes – my secret favourite – and the eternal classic If I ever feel better should not be forgotten either.)

[Soundtrack of my Life] Nada Surf – Blankest Year

I had the blankest year
I saw life turn into a tv show
It was totally weird
The person I knew
I didn’t really know

Oh fuck it, I’m gonna have a party!

This has been one of my favourite songs in the world ever since it was first released ten years ago. In 2006, I saw them play at a festival and remember dancing to this song with my friend Gudrun, having the time of our lives. This was the summer after we graduated from high school and life felt like an endless party.

Ten years later, however, this song describes my situation better than ever: I do feel as if my life had turned into a TV show and it’s NOT a good thing. Less like a sitcom, but something more on the dramatic side. Think Dawson’s Creek meets Grey’s Anatomy. I am so very tired of all this drama now and am more than excited to leave for my big trip in ten days, leaving it all behind. Because: Fuck it, I’m gonna have a party!

[Soundtrack of my Life] Metronomy – The Look

Paris has been blessed with wonderful spring weather these past few days and the sunshine, warmer temperatures and longer days make me feel oh so happy. There is one song I particularly associate with this wonderful season and it never fails to get my mood up: The Look by Metronomy. It was released in spring 2011, when I was living in Berlin, and I remember dancing down my street to this catchy tune every morning on my way to work. Berlin in the springtime is wicked, but Paris is not so bad either and I am happy to get to spend a few sunny days in the city before heading to Asia.

[Soundtrack of my Life] The Strokes – You only live once

I just booked a Surf-and-Yoga camp in Sri Lanka. This means my travel plans for this year are getting really serious. While being super excited, I was also parallely whining to some friends on Facebook about how I was kind of scared at the same time. But I went on to confirm my booking anyways, because no risk no fun etc. And while I was about to hit the final “Confirm” button, this song by the Strokes came on the radio. This has to be a sign, RIGHT?

I also kind of forgot how hot the Strokes were back in the days and am super excited about seeing them again this year at Primavera Sound in Barcelona…