[Soundtrack of my Life] M.I.A – Paper Planes

I listened to this song a lot when I lived in Berlin, preferably in the morning on my way to work, while changing at Alexanderplatz Ubahn station. While I do know that this song is not about travelling, but – according to M.I.A. herself – about clichés against immigrants, I always associate this song – which might be one of the best of all times – with travelling. Maybe it’s because it has “planes” in the title, maybe it’s because it will forever remind me of that beautiful train scene in Slumdog Millionnaire. In any case, I do look forward to listening to it a lot during my upcoming trip to Sri Lanka, where M.I.A. is originally from.


This song describes exactly how I have been feeling for the past weeks. I could listen to it at least 200 times a day (and most days, this is what I do). When I took the plane to go back home for Christmas a few weeks ago, I even managed to time it perfectly, so that the lyrics would start the exact second my plane took off and it made me feel as if I were in a movie.

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