[Women who travel] Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise is so much more than a classic chick flick. First of all, I find it pretty annoying that 99% of movies starring female leads are generally referred to as chick flicks. Because this movie has nothing do to at all with any movie Katherine Heigel and Jennifer Aniston have ever played in, and who says that a movie can’t be good just because it’s about women? (But I guess this a topic for another post)

thelma and louise

Second, Thelma & Louise is easily one of the best movies of all times – or at least one of the very best roadmovies. It’s about two women escaping their boring lifes, dominated by boring jobs (Louise aka Susan Sarandon) and abusive husbands (Thelma aka Geena Davis).

thelma and louise 10

What was originally supposed to be a weekend getaway soon turns into a car chase across the American south, including sexual harrassment, murder, robbery and a young and sexy Brad Pitt. It also features hot vintage cars and impeccable high-waisted jeans.

thelma and louise 11

thelma and louise 7

thelma and louise 4

While the film does not have a happy ending, to me it still is a modern fairytale about friendship, freedom and feminism. And I suppose that with this movie, Ridley Scott inspired more than one woman to think twice about what the rest of their lifes should look like…

thelma and louise 2
thelma and louise 9
thelma and louise 8

Ok I’ve got to split now and watch this movie again see you bye!

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