[Travel Diary] Lazy Seaside Days in Galle and Unawatuna

The bad news for all non surfers is that the majority of beaches in Sri Lanka are not exactly suitable for swimming and bathing. Even in Mirissa, where there’s only a small surfer spot in the very corner of the bay, the waves can often get too high even for experienced swimmers. But don’t be sad just yet:

This is actually in Mirissa, but I was too busy chilling that I completely forgot to take a photo of Unawatuna's crazy beach hihi
This is actually in Mirissa, but I was too busy chilling that I completely forgot to take a photo of Unawatuna’s crazy beach hihi

Beachfun in Unawatuna

Unawatuna beach is located in a bay and I do not exaggerate when I say that I have never seen a beach like this. The white sand and turquoise water look like the setting of a very cheesy postcard.

Yes, Unawatuna is a tourist hotspot and can be quite crowded – and also quite expensive for Sri Lankan measures – but the beauty of the place clearly makes up for it.

Unlike many of the other towns aligned on the coast, Unawatuna has more to offer than “just” perfect beaches (even though, for most of the time, that would be more than enough). With its numerous cocktail bars and restaurants, it feels like an actual holiday town and is the perfect spot to chillax for a few days.

The beach town is also a good spot for shopping (unlike most parts of Sri Lanka) and I bought a nice handmade dress, altered to my measures by the lovely store owner. Make sure to have dinner at the Pink Elephant at least once – I loved this cosy place and the food was ultra delicious.

And if you want to learn how to fix that awesome rice and curry once you get back home, make sure to join a real Sri Lankan cooking class.

Dahl Curry Sri Lanka
Dahl in the making in Unawatuna

Hipstershopping in Galle

Located in a historical fort just a short ride from Unawatuna, the old town of Galle is everything you imagine a colonial port to be. European inspired architecture and shops meet local style.

In the unlikely event that you will get bored of rice and curry, fancy Galle also offers many western food options, such as pizza or lobster. (I ended up having rice and curry once again at Mama’s roof café and it was totally delicious). It’s a great spot to spend a lazy afternoon/evening shopping, eating and drinking.

Galle Sri Lanka8

Galle Sri Lanka7

Galle Sri Lanka6

Galle Sri Lanka5

Galle Sri Lanka4

Galle Sri Lanka2

Galle Sri Lanka

I loved Galle very much, but personally found that half a day there was sufficient for exploring everything the fort has to offer and actually recommend to stay in Unawatuna for the night, as the beaches in Sri Lanka easily beat just any potential shopping.

If you do need accomodation in Galle, I can highly recommend the Galle Center Home Guesthouse. It’s only a short walk away from the Fort – which makes it much cheaper than many of the overpriced hotels inside the Fort – is very nice and clean.

It’s also just a few meters away from the amazing Galle food market. So much tasty, fresh goodness to discover <3

Food Market Sri Lanka
Tomatoes at Galle market

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