[Travel Praparations] Travel Gear for Dummies

The idea of packing everything I need for several weeks of travelling into one single backpack, without ending up like Cheryl Strayed and her infamous Monster bag, was/is kind of intimidating to me. After spending entire nights reading through numerous blogs (I found this packing list by Planet Backpack to be particularly helpful), Amazon reviews and packing advice from my travel addicted friends (hi, Astrid, Birgit and Netti!), I feel much more prepared for my big trip already. And once you get into the subject, travel gear can actually be a quite a passionate subject…  


Problem one: I didn’t even have a proper backpack to start with. While seemingly all of my friends have humongous backpacks and all travel bloggers seem to travel particularly lightweight, I decided to opt for something in the middle: a 60+10l backpack designed especially for women by Haglöfs. This means that the back-part is ideal for the shorter female torso, and all the straps are in perfect place for female curves (aka not squishing your boobs). 

So once this matter was taken care of, there was still a shitload of stuff left for me to buy (and I am not even getting started on vaccinations, medications, insurance etc. pp.) Here is a list of some of the things I will pack in my backpack: 


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife / Seamless panties (they dry fast!) / Birkenstocks for when I get tired of my Havaianas / Eagle Creek compression bags / Tatonka moneybelt (aka the fugliest bag I have ever owned) / Waterproof pouch for documents / Naturhike beauty bag with a hook / Master Lock padlock / ACME whistle (apparently it’s extremely loud, so I don’t even dare to try it in my flat) / Kopp international travel adapter / Scottish Silkworm sleeping bag for cold airplanes and dirty hostel beds / Cocoon lightweight towel (I already had this one at home as it’s the absolute best for the gym as well!!) / Uniqlo ultralight down jacket (again, I already had this and am so in love with this product! It’s an instant upgrade underneath every not-so-warm winter jacket and folds into a mini bag!) / Rain jacket (as a frequent festival-goer, I luckily already had one at home) / Varta headlight 

I wrote this post before my seven-week adventure and will make sure to get back to this topic after my trip, because I am pretty certain that even with my careful preparation, I will end up (a) forgetting lots of important stuff while (b) bringing a lot of useless stuff. 

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