[Travel Preparations] Getting excited about Sri Lanka

This week, I finally booked the first flight for my upcoming trip to Asia: ONE WAY TO BANGKOK, BABY! My original plan was to fly to Colombo directly. However, Paris > Bangkok > Colombo was just the same prize as Paris > Colombo, minus a super boring six-hour layover in Dubai. So changing my schedule a bit was not a difficult decision to make, especially as I only heard great things about Bangkok.

After a few days in Bangkok, I will finally head to Sri Lanka, where I already booked this FANTASTIC looking surf/yoga retreat!!

talalla surf

This place looks like heaven on earth and the mere thought of being there in less than fifty days is motivation enough to get all the boring stuff sorted over the next few weeks. After all, I still have to figure out how to move my stuff from Paris to Austria, take care of all the Visas, prepare three more classes for Uni etc.

So while I was trying to figure out how to get there from Colombo, I came across these transportation options offered by Sri Lankan Railways:

Sri Lanka Trains

I am beyond excited about this train ride along the Sri Lankan coast – but also hope that I won’t end up in a ventilated box with all the other chicks and/or encounter too many nasty accompanied fish…

Also, I will make sure to listen to this song while on the train :)

PS: I also bought a lot of travel gear this week and am planning on doing a proper post on it soon, so make sure to stop by soon again!

(Photo credits: Talalla)

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