[Travel Preparations] Sri Lanka & Myanmar – 6 days to go!

Holy Shit! In less than a week, I will already be chilling at the rooftop pool in Bangkok! While I am eager for my trip to start, I also feel pretty stressed out at the moment – less about the trip itself (I don’t even have time to really think about it), rather than about packing up all my stuff and somehow shipping it from Paris to Austria and spending some last quality moments for a while with my friends.

Travel Praparations Myanmar Sri Lanka

Regarding the trip: I have all my visas and major flights sorted, got all my vaccinations and medications to take on the trip, have hopefully bought all the gear I need and feel pretty much ready to start. Six days till takeoff!

My route:

31.03. Bangkok

I decided to fly to Bangkok first for numerous reasons. First of all, it was the cheapest option. Second, everyone I know who went there absolutely loved it. And I also thought it might be a good idea to have some sort of “soft” arrival, while getting accustomed to the climate and taking some days off just to chill.

03.04. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, I will spend my first week in a surf and yoga camp. We will see how that goes, given I have absolutely no experience in surfing NOR in yoga… But the place looks like heaven on earth and I seriously CAN NOT WAIT to get there. I will also be in Sri Lanka for their New Year’s celebrations, and am pretty excited to experience this big event.

29.04. Myanmar

I know that I wanted to travel to two countries while on this trip, but for a long time couldn’t really decide between Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. I was not really sure if Myanmar – having opened its borders for tourism only a few years ago – was such a good place to go, being a girl and all by myself. But the more research I did and the more I talked to friends about it, the more I knew that I just HAVE to go there now. I can’t wait!!

21.05. Vienna
I will be heading back to Austria in order to spend the summer surrounded by friends and family. Because after all, summer in Austria is not such a bad idea: chilling at the Museumsquartier, swimming at the Donauinsel, sipping on lots of Hugos and Aperol Spritz, attending open air concerts, eating lots of the best ice cream outside of Italy… Having been an expat for around five years, I am now seriously excited about spending a longer period of time with my friends and family and enjoying a carefree summer.

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