[Travel in Style] Leather Luggage Tags to Pimp Your Suitcase

luggage tags leather

Buy: Plain Leather Luggage Tags

An estimated 99% of all travelers have a black suitcase (non-representative study conducted by me on my recent layovers). So why not step up your luggage-game a little with these beautiful and original luggage tags? Plus they are all made from leather, for the extra touch of chic while traveling.

handmade leather luggage tags

Buy: MountainAdventure AwaitsBeach PleasePlane

Waiting for your suitcase (or backpack) at the luggage belt is always a particularly stressful moment, so when spying your beautiful luggage tag, you will be even happier that your luggage has arrived safely.

leather luggage tags

Buy: Personalised Luggage Tag with your nameWild Heart, Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Oh The Places You’ll Go, Boat

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